Single Birthstone Bracelet
Single Birthstone Bracelet
Single Birthstone Bracelet
Single Birthstone Bracelet
Single Birthstone Bracelet
Single Birthstone Bracelet
Single Birthstone Bracelet
Single Birthstone Bracelet
Single Birthstone Bracelet
Single Birthstone Bracelet
Single Birthstone Bracelet
Zodiac Bling

Single Birthstone Bracelet

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Our stones are placed together with hematite. Hematite helps us focus, make better decisions and conquer. Hematite aids one to be grounded. Grounded meaning to remain calm, cool and collected, regardless of what’s going on in the world around us.

White Crystal

The Mixture of White Crystal & Hematite increases the aid that White Crystal gives. 

Together, they support you towards your tough victories, lends a hand to sense the strength from within to understand they you have the power to achieve all of your goals, and assist to amplify your optimism so you don't give up on the things that are most important to you. 

White crystal inspires:

  • Victory
  • Strength
  • Optimism

The Mixture of Emerald & Hematite increases the aid that Emerald gives. 

Together, they support the increasing feeling of contentment with your life and others, gives assistants to maintain loyalty and bring loyal ones into your life, helps with guidance to revive a dormant passion towards your relationships and goals.

Emerald crystal inspires:

  • contentment
  • loyalty
  • revival of passion

The Mixture of Rose & Hematite increases the aid that Rose gives. 

Together, they keep one from drifting away from the path of self love, ties down the harmonious relationship to be set, and to increase satisfaction manifested from within.

Rose crystal inspires:

  • self love
  • harmonious relationships 
  • joy from within

The Mixture of Red & Hematite increases the aid that the Red Bracelet gives. 

Together, they increase the passionate nature to achieve your goals, gives more spiritual protection from those that try to harm you, and aids prosperity to come your way sooner than later.

Red crystal inspires:

  • passion
  • protection
  • prosperity

The Mixture of Peridot & Hematite increases the aid that Peridot gives. 

Together, they help increase the desire of knowledge and maintaining the knowledge one seeks, gives support in healing emotional, spiritual, and physical wounds in a vibrational level, and lends a hand in giving you the option for renewal in your life. Its never to late to begin again.

Peridot crystal inspires:

  • knowledge
  • healing
  • renewal

The Mixture of Sapphire & Hematite increases the aid that Sapphire gives.

Together, they assist to increase the hopeful nature that you have in your soul to not lose when times get tough, lend a hand to open the mind for more wisdom, and brings comfort for goodwill to manifest in your life.   

Sapphire crystal inspires:

  • hope
  • wisdom
  • goodwill

The Mixture of Rainbow & Hematite increases the aid that Rainbow gives. 

Together, they support the luck you can manifest in your life with luck being a mixture of hard work & opportunity. They can lend a hand on preventing ones mind from going to a dark place to keeping the mind pure and also assist in increasing your positive inhibitions for positive manifestations.

Rainbow crystal inspires:

  • luck
  • purity
  • positive inhibitions

The Mixture of Citrine & Hematite increases the aid that Citrine gives. 
Together, they lend a hand on increasing your vibrational and physical energies, aids with increasing mental, spiritual and physical positive creativity for you to manifest in your life and lends a hand in increasing of wealth coming into your life.

Citrine crystal inspires:

  • energy
  • creativity
  • wealth
Blue Topaz

The Mixture of Blue Topaz & Hematite increases the aid that Blue Topaz gives. 

Together, they lend a hand on promoting good health into your life, assist in ways of generosity towards others and yourself, and increases your support for your love life on being more affectionate towards intimacy and being more appreciative of those around you.

Blue Topaz crystal inspires:

  • good health
  • generosity
  • affection

The Mixture of Amethyst & Hematite increases the aid that Amethyst gives. 

Together, they assist in your growth in all areas of your vibrational life spiritually, mentally, physically, lends an extra hand in revitalizing areas that are dormant in your life to continue to grow, and supports to increase your emotional stability to work on areas for more abundance.

Amethyst crystal inspires:

  • Growth
  • Revitalization
  • Emotional stability

The Mixture of Aquamarine & Hematite increases the aid that Aquamarine gives. 

Together, they support to increase the quality of your harmony, lends a hand on trusting your way through life to weed out those with bad intentions involving you, and assist your fearlessness nature to go through life to not worry about negativity and focus on the positive.

Aquamarine crystal inspires:

  • Harmony
  • Trust
  • Fearlessness

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