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Jewelry Care

Taking care of your jewelry is very important to us. Please follow these tips so the longevity of your bracelets or any other type of jewelry are extended further.

#1 The way you put on and off your jewelry.

Your bracelet is made of stretch cord. Do not pull and stretch when you are taking off or on the bracelet. 
Roll the bead onto and off upon your wrist instead.
Stretching or pulling your bracelet can weaken the elastic cord and over time cause the bracelet to break.


#2 Avoid spas, showers, perfumes, hairspray, lotion and other chemical while wearing any type of jewelry.

Take off your bracelets, necklaces, earrings and ring first then you can mess with the liquids and chemicals. 
The heat and chemicals are going to wear off the elasticity, fade the charms and possibly damage the crystal stones over time. Keep your jewelry healthy. Avoid liquids.
spring water


#3 Be conscious that your jewelry doesn't get caught onto something.

You put your hand that has a bracelet on it in small spaces like a bag and it gets caught on a zipper or it gets caught on a door handle. Then BAM! beads start flying everywhere! That's a horrible experience.
Be conscious. 


#4 Do not let your kids or pets play with your jewelry.

Store your bracelet somewhere safe when you are not wearing it. When you order our bracelets they come with a small transparent pouch. Put your bracelets in the pouch.
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