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Why We Have 3 Colored Stones On Our Jewelry

Have you ever heard of the phrase "third times the charm."? The number 3 has a specific positive vibration we all should be aware of. The reason why we focus on 3 colored stones is the reason why we customized our bracelets and rings the way they are. The number 3 represents good fortune. Our ultimate goal is to make sure when you wear our jewelry it gives you a sense of security and confidence to stand strong and live life to the fullest in every positive way so you can acquire good fortune.

The 3 stones represent mind, body, and spirit all in unity. Each color has its own specific detailed meaning as well. The 3 colored stones on the jewelry are surrounded/attached to black onyx, white onyx or sterling silver. Black onyx repels negativity, white onyx attracts positivity and silver cleans a person’s aura for intuitive wisdom with positive intentions over time. When the mind, body and spirit are healthy great things can be accomplished. Its all your choice. Order today!